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Review: Audrey’s Magic Nine 2💕✨ ~ Courtney Huddleston and Michelle Wright

Hi bookworms💗 I was sent a digital copy of the graphic novels Audrey's Magic Nine and Audrey's Magic Nine 2 by the lovely Courtney Huddleston in exchange for an honest review. Today I'll share my thoughts on the second book (which comes out this month!) with you. Enjoy😊! ❤📚 Short summary The graphic novel trilogy Audrey's Magic… Lees verder Review: Audrey’s Magic Nine 2💕✨ ~ Courtney Huddleston and Michelle Wright

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Wrap up October🍂💕

Hi bookworms❤, October was, once again, a very busy month with school stuff and all...😓 I did read a few books though, so I'm excited to share my thoughts with you😊. ❤📚 Lentekriebels by various Dutch authors This is a collection of short stories that was given out for free in a Dutch store. The… Lees verder Wrap up October🍂💕

Book reviews

Review: Love Gone Savage ~ Shana Chow💔💗

Hi bookworms💕, I was sent the poetry collection Love Gone Savage by the lovely Shana Chow in exchange for an honest review. So today, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on this book with all of you. 💗 Short summary Love Gone Savage is a collection of poetry about both healthy and toxic relationships, abuse,… Lees verder Review: Love Gone Savage ~ Shana Chow💔💗

Wrap ups

Wrap up September🍁❤

Hi bookworms💕, September was a very busy month for me, because of things I had to do for school... Fortunately, I did still manage to read a few books, mostly Dutch for a change. I hope you enjoy this wrap up! ❤📚 Skylarks by Karen Gregory The first book I read this month was Skylarks,… Lees verder Wrap up September🍁❤

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The World According to Women📚💗

Hi bookworms💕📚 A while ago, the lovely Ziva Sorn told me about an amazing project that she's doing. So today, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about it. Ziva Sorn is the author of a Slovenian comic book that discusses and celebrates being a woman. While this book is already published in… Lees verder The World According to Women📚💗

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My favourite authors💗📚

Hi bookworms💕, Today, I wanted to talk about some of my favourite authors at the moment. I'll only mention authors that I've read more than one book by, so this list won't include all my favourite books (such as The Night Circus😏). This list is only based on how much I loved the books, the… Lees verder My favourite authors💗📚