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Netflix Book Tag🎬📚

Hi bookworms💕 Today I thought I'd do a book tag, because it has been quite a while since I've done one of these. I chose to do the Netflix book tag, since that sounded like lots of fun. Let's get into the questions! ❤📚 1. Recently Watched ~ The last book that you finished reading The… Lees verder Netflix Book Tag🎬📚

Wrap ups

Wrap up January❄🌟

Hi bookworms💕 It's been a while since I posted anything on here, but I'm back with a new post. Today I wanted to talk about the books I read in January. January was quite a busy month for me, since my final exams are getting closer and closer😭, so I didn't read as much as… Lees verder Wrap up January❄🌟

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My 2019 reading plans📚

Hi bookworms💕, The year of 2018 is over, which means it's time to set up our goals and resolutions for 2019. I don't usually write down my new year's resolutions (or have any at all😋), but I thought it might be fun to talk about my reading plans for 2019. I'm not sure whether I'll… Lees verder My 2019 reading plans📚

Book reviews

Review: True Mercy💗🌟 ~ Idelle Kursman

Hi bookworms💕 I was sent a copy of True Mercy by the lovely Idelle Kursman in exchange for an honest review. In this post, I'll share all my thoughts on this book with you. ❤📚 Short summary True Mercy follows multiple characters, the most important of which are: Adam, an eighteen-year-old who has autism; Bruce, Adam's father and… Lees verder Review: True Mercy💗🌟 ~ Idelle Kursman

Wrap ups

Wrap up November🍁🌟

Hi bookworms💕, December is already here (how is this year going by so fast?!), so it's time for my November Wrap up. November was a very busy month with my birthday and school, which is pretty much becoming a theme in these wrap ups😅. Nevertheless, I managed to read five books and today I'll share… Lees verder Wrap up November🍁🌟

Book reviews

Review: Audrey’s Magic Nine 2💕✨ ~ Courtney Huddleston and Michelle Wright

Hi bookworms💗 I was sent a digital copy of the graphic novels Audrey's Magic Nine and Audrey's Magic Nine 2 by the lovely Courtney Huddleston in exchange for an honest review. Today I'll share my thoughts on the second book (which comes out this month!) with you. Enjoy😊! ❤📚 Short summary The graphic novel trilogy Audrey's Magic… Lees verder Review: Audrey’s Magic Nine 2💕✨ ~ Courtney Huddleston and Michelle Wright